It all started with a raincoat, or rather, the lack of one. Danefæ was founded when 4 childhood friends got tired of the bike ride to work with a raincoat that was far more practical than beautiful. Danefae's mission was clear from the start:  They wanted to make quality products, pay homage to Scandinavian design history and add some color to daily life around town. They wanted to "Make practical beautiful", and to embrace the whimsical Nordic weather patterns with colorful and functional designs.

They work with manufacturers that are all BSCI certified and in addition either Oeko-tex, Swan label, or GOTS certified. Their colorful and durable products, in addition to current European and Danish legislation, follow a very special Danefæ regulatory framework for the use of chemistry, ensuring durability and guaranteeing beauty even after many years of use.

All weather is good weather when you have Danefæ on!

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