Hej Fox for Ukraine

 All Hands and Hearts charity is a US based charity that typically responds and assists when a natural disaster strikes. The charity deploys teams that go in help with immediate needs, set up for recovery and for sustaining solutions for long term needs. In response to the violent invasion of Ukraine, they have responded by assisting in the evacuation and care of disabled and unaccompanied minors.

Hej Fox wants to help, and I welcome any and all support from this wonderful community we have created. I have created a “Sunflowers for Ukraine” shirt and profits from the sale of the shirts will be donated to help support the efforts of All Hands and Hearts.

Kid short sleeve shirts= $31 

Adult short sleeve shirts= $38 

Shop shirts here .

If you would like to contribute, but do not need/want a shirt, you can donate directly to the charity here: All Hands and Hearts Ukraine Effort  or send the donation to our paypal contacthejfox@gmail.com and it will be sent to All hands with the shirt proceeds. 

All proof of outside donations for Ukraine, will receive a special coupon to use at a later date at Hej Fox

Read here for more information about All Hands and Hearts response to Ukraine. 

Read here to see their A+ rating from CharityWatch.org